The Secrets of Skinny

CJ Knapp

Sick of dieting? No long-term success?

This is Different!.

It’s frustrating and depressing to constantly monitor what you eat and feel guilty when you don’t get to the gym or walk, or jog or run.


The Secrets of Skinny is the little book with Big Answers. See how many of the 20 described and explained diets you’ve tried in your lifetime of trying to shed those unwanted pounds.

I know you want to be thin. Be one of the slim people.

The Secrets of Skinny can be read in less than two hours and can change your life.

See what the REVIEWS on AMAZON.COM have to say.

What have you got to lose?

Published by caroleannvitale42

I am a painter and an author. I am also a speaker and a lover of truth. "Who took Hannah?" is my first fiction novel...Next in line is a non-fiction that will teach you how to get slim and stay that way for life. I was born Carole Vitale..then married and became Carole Knapp, divorced and married again to be Carole Johnson. I am using this for my pen name. CJ Knapp.

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