Watch for a sequel to “Who Took Hannah” and follow the three women who fight the bad guys.

Who Took Hannah

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What if you tiptoed in to pick up your child and the crib was empty. An open window. A slashed screen. A hospital smell. Would you scream? Cry? Call the cops? Mandy Rose did all that then she ran. Ran all the way across the country. The pain was that bad. But the pain of not knowing the truth was worse.

Returning to Louisiana was a mixed blessing. Mandy’s father wasn’t thrilled to see her. She discovered her baby’s daddy was now her younger sister’s lover. Her still married mother was dating the mild-mannered cop on the kidnapping case. Then, a dead baby upped the ante. They teamed together to investigate. It’s the early 80s, so no cell phones. Can they find out who took Hannah and why?

Characters who won’t let you forget them. Clyde, the handsome Black man, who dated both wealthy sisters. Mandy Rose’s haunting past that kept her afraid of life. Tough little sister Laura, studying to become a cop. And more, much more to keep you turning the pages.


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