About CJ Knapp


CJ Knapp loves the thrill of a good mystery.

Unraveling clues and picking apart facts to find out what happened and who’s to blame.

In her younger child-rearing days, CJ Knapp subscribed to two magazines; Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock.  She fantasized about being a detective, solving crimes and helping people in trouble. Having been placed in foster homes that included a Catholic orphanage until the age of nine, with no parental affection, fueled her love of escaping to a place where she wasn’t.

Being united with family and a mother who loved sensational magazines like True Detective, was a boon. She snuck these oversized magazines into her bed and read them under the covers with a flashlight.

Writing her own stories brought applause from teachers starting in Junior High School. “You’ll be a great writer some day Carole.” She agreed, but life had other plans.

Carole knew there was no possibility of college in her future.

Marriage to a violent husband, pushed her further to try and understand what life was all about. She studied Freud, Jung, Laing, and Skinner, then graduated to Seth, the energy personality essence channeled by Jane Roberts. She joined a spiritual group and quickly became a sought after seminar speaker on the nature of reality and did a cable television show for four years.

After retirement, she made the decision to write a book. Her lifetime habit of voracious reading gave her the built-in base to proceed with her own stories. She insists others can too.

Mysteries, suspense, and unusual romance alliances people her creative sagas. Building a story that’s not predictable is her forte. The characters surprise and beguile you as they experience twists you never see coming and are not sure they deserve. Most survive.

When she’s not absorbed in working on her next novel, she paints. Her art has an experimental flavor, almost, in some instances, a quirky tone. You can see her work and in depth descriptions on fineartamerica.com under the name Carole Johnson.

Carole’s early life without parents gave her an abundance of solitary time and a fascination with life beyond the ordinary.

Watch for her diet book, to be published within the year and not like anything else you’ve ever read. It reveals how to get slim and stay slim for the rest of your life. The title to be announced soon.

The next in the Hannah series is scheduled to follow the diet book, which again, is so much more than a diet book.

In her other life, CJ is Carole Johnson, artist. Check out her work at FineArtAmerica.

To contact Carole, reach her at CJKnappAuthor@gmail.com

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